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Dated: 06/07/2018

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Q. Tell me a little about yourself and background?

Born and raised in the City Of Boston, I've always had a passion for real estate and learning all about it. One thing you need to know about me is that I'm always full of energy & excitement and I love sharing that with my customers!  It makes the process so much more fun and helps build relationships with my clients. It's a way of showing my passion for the business.

Q. Tell me how you first got involved in real estate?

My uncle was a realtor and has been flipping homes for years.  I was always intrigued at the idea of getting into real estate, doing it on my own, having my own freedom to work from home and control my own income. I worked in banking for almost 8 years which taught me the lending and financing aspect of it, and in 2015 I decided to give it a shot.

Q. What has surprised you most about working in real estate?

The freedom and income potential.

Q. What do you find most challenging about your job?

Finding the right leads to stay busy & build steady income.

Q. Tell me about someone who has been a big influence in your life?

I've had many mentors that I follow and look up to that have had a major impact in my life.  A few names are: Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Robert Kiyosaki

Q. What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

How passionate I am about what I do.

Q. What’s it like to be a member of the EXIT Realty All Stars team?

Freedom to do as you please but have the support system to back you, as needed.

Q. If you weren't a real estate agent, what would you be doing instead?

Figuring out how to get into real estate!

Q. Do you have a favorite quote or philosophy that you live by?

“You were born broke - if you die broke that's your responsibility”

“Time waits for no one, so take action right now”

                “To be successful you must be willing to do the things today, others won't do,

                 In order to have the things tomorrow, others won't have”

Q. How would (someone) describe you?

A passionate leader who takes action is super optimistic and loves helping people.

Q. What’s your favorite drink?

Henny & cranberry or Jack & Coke.

Q. What do you do when you aren't working?

Sports. I play Semi-Professional Football or Run My other business, traveling.

*Can you provide us with a review you have received from a past client?

Review from Lynn Client 10/29/2017

After working with two different realtors and putting in numerous unsuccessful offers.... All I can honestly say is.... I am so lucky/blessed to have met Fernando! When I met Fernando, I was currently working with an agent looking to purchase my first home and the whole process was just becoming stressful and unpleasant. When I saw how hard Fernando worked for his clients and how passionate he was about what he did, I knew I needed/wanted him as my realtor. After putting in so many offers prior to meeting him I was at my breaking point, ready to give up. However, Fernando always knew the right thing to say... His positives is truly unreal. He made himself available 24/7 just in case I ever had any questions or concerns and always went above and beyond. He really is one of a kind and whoever has him as a realtor should feel LUCKY to have, because I sure did.

Review from Lynn Client 10/23/2017

As a first time home buyer, I felt vulnerable and uncertain in what to expect. The home buying experience is intimidating to begin with, however with Fernando as my agent, it was great to know that you always had him in your corner fighting for you. He was very passionate about his job and always had my best interest in mind. Not only did we gain a passionate agent but we gained a friend in the process. Don't think I would have had such a wonderful first-time experience of purchasing a home if I didn't have Fernando as my agent. Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent

Review from Peabody Client 10/24/2017

WOW - what a ride it's been and we could not be happier this ride had Fernando as its conductor! Fernando is the guy who fights for you - he stayed on top of agents for showings, offer responses, open-houses, etc. - he REALLY wants to work for you. But Fernando's best characteristic is his positivity; buying a home is stressful and emotional, but his energy and positive attitude make it all much easier - he really made the process that much more enjoyable.

Fernando Perez


[email protected]

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